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There are so many questions that arise and often many different opinions or answers.  Richmond Aquarium has started an “Education and Information” section on our website which is designed to help you get your questions answered.  A 'Frequently Asked Questions' section is coming soon. Click to visit the Education/Information section of our website.


What's New At Richmond Aquarium?

February 2009 - Winter System Sale -Need a new system?  Looking for a gift for that special person? Outgrowing your current aquarium?  Take Advantage of Our Discounts For New Systems.

February 2009 - Now Hiring! - We are currently hiring for positions in our store. If you are looking for a full or part time position in the aquarium industry, stop in and see us.

February 2009 - Now Stocking SunLight Supply! - Starting in February, we will be stocking the Sunlight Supply line of Metal Halide and T5 ballasts, retrofit kits, fixtures, and bulbs. Sunlight Supply makes such well known products as the TEK T5 light fixture, and the Galaxy electronic MH ballast. We are currently hiring for positions in our store. If you are looking for a full or part time position in the aquarium industry, stop in and see us.

January 2009 - New Reflectors Arrive! - Our new, custom manufactured reflectors are now in stock. Available in four and six foot lengths, and built to fit inside of your canopy, our reflectors are sure to improve your lighting situation. Stop in the store to check them out, or bring in your canopy, and we will help you with installation.


January 2009 - Seafire Grill Sets the Mood - Those of you that have dined at the Seafire Grill probably noticed at least two great things about your experience: The food, and the ambiance. While we can't take any credit for the great food, we do play a role in the great ambiance. The Seafire Grill sets the mood with multiple reef aquariums inside the restaurant. The aquarium systems were installed by Richmond Aquarium, and we perform service and maintenance to keep the systems looking great. Seafire Grill recently launched a new website, prominently featuring the aquarium systems, complete with swimming fish! Check it out!

December 2008 - Water Cards Make a Splash During the Holidays! - Our water discount cards were a hot item during the holidays. If you did not get a water card in December, don't worry. They are now a permanent offering in our store. The cards are available for salt and fresh water, and provide up to 10 free gallons.

December 2008 - New Service Technician Keeping Richmond Aquariums Clean! - We have recently expanded our service team to include another field technician. Our growing service and maintenance department rolls Monday - Friday and services hundreds of systems each month. If you want our team to add your aquarium to the schedule, just let us know.

November 2008 - Fall System Sale -Need a new system?  Looking for a Christmas present for that special person? Outgrowing your current aquarium?  Take Advantage of Our Discounts For New Systems.

November 2008 - Aquaculture Open for Business -Our Aquaculture Center has grown large enough that we can now open it to the public. Our Aquaculture facility now occupies an entire building. Inside you will find lots of coral frags, special invertebrates, a variety of saltwater plants, and macro and micro algae. The next time you visit the store, be sure to visit our Aquaculture center, and take advantage of special discounts. Buy 3 Get One Free frag special

November 2008 - New RAB Phytoplankton -We have recently spent considerable time and effort to improve our phytoplankton culturing facility. Improvements have been made to the production capacity as well as to the actual strains of phytoplankton we harvest. The latest Richmond Aquarium Brand Phytoplankton is the most dense and nutritious phytoplankton we have ever produced. Save 10% on your next in-store RAB Phytoplankton Purchase

October 2008 - Lots of New Stock -We just returned from an industry trade show where we stocked up on our most popular products and selected lots of great new products. In fact, we bought so much that it is scheduled to be delivered over the next 6-8 weeks. Be sure to stop in every Thursday from now through December to get first dibs on the latest and greatest products.

October 2008 - Free Water With Our New Water Cards! -Water discount cards are now available in the store. The new cards are available for salt and fresh water, and provide up to 10 free gallons.

October 2008 - Light the Way with New RAB Retrofit Reflectors -Introducing Richmond Aquarium Brand retrofit lighting reflectors. Our unique reflector is designed to maximize reflectivity inside your canopy and can be used with Metal Halide, T5, VHO, and Power Compact lighting.The reflectors are manufactured by Cushing Manufacturing, a 51-year-old Richmond metal fabrication company. Cushing Manufacturing & Richmond Aquarium are both Farrell Group companies owned by Richard Farrell. "I am very excited that Cushing and Richmond Aquarium have built such a strong working relationship. This reflector is the first of many new products Cushing will manufacture for Richmond Aquarium", said Mr.Farrell.




September 2008 - Growing Pains: Time To Upgrade? -Outgrowing your current aquarium?  Our Trade In, Trade Up program makes it easy to get the larger aquarium you want.  Follow our easy program and you'll be showing off your new aquarium in no time.

Want a New Aquarium System, But Don't Have A Trade-In? No Problem, Take Advantage of Our Discounts For New Systems.

August 2008 - Welcome, Inc. - Richmond Aquarium recently appeared in Welcome, Inc. The Ultimate Corporate Relocation Guide To The Richmond Region. Welcome, Inc is published by Richmond Magazine. To see our Ad click here.

July 2008 - Aquariums For Veterans - Richmond Aquarium recently installed the second reef aquarium at Sitter / Barfoot Veteran's Care Center.  Residents and patients love the new ecosystem, which is maintained with care by Richmond Aquarium.

July 2008 - New RAB Products - Richmond Aquarium has recently introduced new products into the RichmondAquarium Brand product line.  Additions include freshwater flake food, marine pellets, shrimp pellets, cichlid pellets, new supplements, and new gadgets.  Order on-line in our newly expanded ebaY store.

July 2008 - Left At The Next Light!!! -If you are heading west on Hull Street, watch for our new billboard, and turn left at the next light.


June 2008 - Aquaculture Grows Again -  We have expanded our aquaculture center again!  The new expansion includes greater space for growing out corals, coral frags, plants, and phytoplankton.  Don't forget to look for our frags the next time you visit the store. Take advantage of our Buy 3 Get One Free frag special, and don't forget to feed your new frags with RAB Live Phytoplankton. Save 10% on RAB Live Phytoplankton.

May 2008 - Local Competitor Complains Richmond Aquarium Market Prices Are Too Low! - Richmond Aquarium was recently shocked to learn that another local aquarium store owner complained to CoralVue that we were selling their products to cheaply!  He might be right!  Take advantage of the great pricing we can offer on CoralVue and Reef Octopus products.  We are an authorized distributor and have access to their complete line of quality products.

May 2008 - Richmond Aquarium Gains Access to Deltec Line - Richmond Aquarium now has access to the entire Deltec skimmer, reactor, and other high-end reef product lines.  Our prices are targeted to be LOW-LOW-LOW!

May 2008 - Richmond Aquarium Donates Two Aquariums to Child Savers - Richmond Aquarium donated and installed a 75 gallon salt water aquarium, and a 54 gallon freshwater aquarium to Child Savers, an area non-profit organization dedicated to helping Greater Richmond's children since 1924.

April 2008 - New Store Decor - As part of our ongoing effort to share information and knowledge with our clients, we have installed over 65 new signs in our showroom and livestock warehouse.  These signs contain valuable information about most aspects of aquarium keeping including, equipment, fish, corals, and maintenance.   View and print these signs in the 'Education' section of our website.

February 2008 - Move'em Out Mondays - As most of you know, we get new livestock shipments on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Monday is the day we need to make room for the incoming livestock.  Save up to 50% on select livestock every Monday.  Come & Get'em!

January 2008 - Richmond Aquarium in the News - A custom aquarium installed and serviced by Richmond Aquarium is highlighted in a feature about Heritage Oaks Retirement Center in the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Read the feature and see photos.

January 2008 - New Product Lines - We have recently become an authorized distributor of Coral Vue and Reef Octopus products.  These products include T5 and Metal Halide lighting and bulbs, Protein Skimmers, Calcium Reactors, Sumps, Pumps, Refugiums, and more.

November 2007 - Growing Aquaculture - We have expanded our aquaculture center.  We currently raise corals, fish, invertebrates, phytoplankton and plants.  Look for Richmond Aquarium brand aquaculture products in our livestock warehouse. Take advantage of our Buy 3 Get One Free frag special, and don't forget to feed your new frags with RAB Live Phytoplankton. Save 10% on RAB Live Phytoplankton.

October 2007 - Expansion Expansion Expansion - If you have not been around in a while, now is a great time to visit.  We have recently expanded our retail facility to include a new showroom, and additional livestock selection.  Our re-designed 4500 square foot facility is ready to serve!



Phytoplankton: Life Starts Here

Phytoplankton serve as the base of the aquatic food web, providing an essential ecological function for all aquatic life, and are an essential component of the diet for many reef creatures (such as fan worms, sea apples, corals, clams, and tunicates). Phytoplankton are tiny floating plants which serve the same role in the food chains of the oceans as grass and shrubs serve on land; namely small things eat them, which are in turn eaten by bigger things, and so on down the line. Many coral reef animals feed directly on phytoplankton, and even those that do not, rely ultimately on the nutrition gained from phytoplankton eaten by other organisms. Some essential nutrients provided by phytoplankton cannot be synthesized by animals, and are therefore extremely important components of a healthy diet.  Benefits of feeding phytoplankton to your reef inhabitants include better color, improved health, and faster growth.
With the availability of Richmond Aquarium Brand Phytoplankton, you can now give your reef aquarium every opportunity to succeed by feeding this important food source to your livestock.
Pick up a Free Sample during your next store visit.
Save 10% on your next in-store RAB Phytoplankton Purchase

Gas Prices Too High? We'll Deliver!

Gas prices are having an impact on everyone. If gas prices are keeping you from making the drive to Richmond Aquarium, we will bring Richmond Aquarium to you.
As you might know, Richmond Aquarium is predominantly a service company. Our full time technicians are always in the field servicing business and home aquariums. Let us know what you need, and we'll drop it off while we are making service calls in your area.
Looking for something special?  We place livestock orders every Monday.  Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll add it to our order… then deliver it to you!

Getting To Know Your Equipment

From conversations with customers in the store, we have discovered that a lot of you have questions about the equipment you are running, or the best way to maintain your aquarium. To help you become more familiar with your equipment and maintenance routines for your aquarium, we are introducing our new 'Explain and Train' program.

For $75, one of our service technicians will come to your location and explain the components of your system, the proper configuration for your equipment, and the best way to optimize the performance of your equipment. In addition, our technician will take you through the steps of maintaining your aquarium, including water testing, and make recommendations for what to do, and when to do it. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your aquarium system, take advantage of our Explain and Train Program.

Clean-Up Crew: The Littlest Janitors

An essential part of any reef aquarium is the cleanup crew. These are the janitors of your reef. They will help control nuisance algae, help clean the glass, and remove detritus and diatoms. They scavenge for any left over food that may be on the bottom and in hard to reach places such as in between rocks. Members of typical reef clean-up crews consist of snails, shrimp, crabs, starfish, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers. These invertebrates work well together or on their own.

Through the end of the summer, we are offering a special on clean-up crews. Assembled to serve 50 gallons of reef, each crew consists of 10 Turbo Snails, 10 Nassarius Snails, 10 Tiny Hermit Crabs, 2 Emerald Crabs, and 1 Cleaner Shrimp.

Save 10% on our 50 Gallon Complete Clean-Up Crew

Do-It-Yourself: Kalk Doser

Enjoy this DIY Kalk Doser instructional videocast from Talking Reef.